Neon City Sunrise

from by RAN

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Time is split in two as the technology accelerates
Simulation only the beginning of the end
Perception, definition, recollection, recognition
Limitations of the memory are all we comprehend
Self-perpetuation in a structural integrity
Decaying in an artifact of secondary dreaming
Reality collapse into robotic misanthropia
Illusion and delusion as a substitute for meaning…

Data shifts regenerative everything we’ll never know
Analysis becoming individuality
Mindless, generate, eat fight procreate
Destiny is waiting for a day we’ll never see
Humanity will regulate
Everything we contemplate
Black rain obliterates the failure in the end
Dead dawn banners rise
Ash twists in the sky
All we can perceive to be what we intend

Your sun dawns behind a veil

It will bring what you fear
And a fire in the sky
It will come here to pull you away
And the damage will fall far beyond understanding
And thousands will die from the fear that they find in the change

Steel sky full of pain
Watch blood fall like rain
This network only brings your end
In the end


It’s all just fucking circuitry, an implant in my spine
So tell me you don’t think about what’s coming for us further down the line

Vision cannot guide you past this ghost in your machines
We alter everything we touch and burn the truth within the dream

The neon city breathes beneath a dying future sun
A metaphor in atrophy, I know I’m not the one
And I know you say you’re innocent
And try to pass the blame
But it really doesn’t matter now
None of this will ever be the same

Show me, whatever forces you on
I know all of this comes down to nothing
Show me whatever waits in the dawn
Why can’t I care? Why can’t I feel something?
Tell me, what fucking pushes you on?
What makes you try when your world turns to nothing?
Hopeless now that I know it’s too late
And the feeling you get when you know that you can’t turn away…

Leave it here
Can’t you see
It’s over now?
Can’t you see
You’re older now?
Everything seems
Colder now
And nothing seems to change…

Show me whatever forces you on
I know all of the words come to nothing
Show me whatever waits in the dawn
I watched as everything burned down to nothing
Tell me, what fucking pushes you on?
What is there left when your world turns to nothing?
Burning...everything turning to dust
And I know it’s too late but I wish there were some other way.


from Neon City Sunrise, released August 7, 2016



all rights reserved


RAN London, UK

A supermassive collision between extreme metal and brutal industrial noise, made by one man who hates sleep.

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